Sir - Further to my letter on solving problems in development (Flight International, 7-13 February, P44), barely was the ink dry when, in the next issue (Flight International, 14-20 February), two further examples are given.

The first relates to the BR710 (P12), with problems on the bird-strike test and a significant redesign of the high-pressure turbine. The second example refers to flight-control-software problems on the Eurofighter EF2000 (P20).

The former recovery programme is apparently within the time-scale, but the latter problem adds some six months to the first flight of prototype DA6. In both cases, costs must escalate. At this rate, MAPO-MiG, with its Article 1.42, may yet challenge the EF2000.

There is a glimmer of light from Pratt & Whitney, however, with Tom Davenport's review of the logic behind the PW6000 proposal for the regional-jet market (P16).


Watford, Hertfordshire, UK

EF2000 is still on target, despite delay to DA6

Source: Flight International