Device Technologies (Dti) began the show on a high note with the announcement of its first direct aerospace contract for its Spring-Fast grommet edging. Boeing has selected the edging, originally developed for the electronics industry, for use throughout its C-17.The product is widely used today in computers, network switching systems, hospital equipment and other applications. It could now play a part in minimising the risk of airline crashes. With investigators looking at the role electrical wiring played in the crashes of TWA Flight 800 and Swissair Flight 111, more reliable grommets are receiving a positive reception in the industry.

The Marlborough-based manufacturer's product will provide protection against wire chafing and wear by cushioning the contact between electrical wiring and the metal airframe. It is on show at 4C/13. Spring-Fast, which is designed to snap into place quickly using only the pressure of the installer's fingers, remains indefinitely in position. "This order is a major aerospace breakthrough for Spring-Fast, which we developed in response to the growing need for reliable and simply-installed edging to protect aircraft wiring and wire bundles," says president of DTi Nicholas Petri.

"We believe the time has come for the aircraft industry to consider Spring-Fast as a new-generation, reliable solution to the critical safety issue of wire wear. We look forward to widening its use in the military and civil sectors, both on new production aircraft and retrofit."

Source: Flight Daily News