Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is offering a new incentive programme to lure new service to the big Texas hub. The programme entails both suspension of airport fees or discounts on airport fees as well as cash to be used for marketing of new services. "Given the economic stress on all carriers, it's a challenge to open new markets," Joe Lopano, executive vice-president of terminal management and marketing at DFW. "If we as an airport can make a new market an easier decision for an airline, that's an advantage for us."

The airport board passed a plan that sets different levels of incentives for new service, with the richest rewards allotted to new long-haul international service. A prime goal of DFW is winning new non-stop passenger service to China. An airline that established this type of route would get a rebate worth up to $400,000 on its landing fees over two years, in addition to marketing assistance, concessions on terminal rent and other charges.

Dallas/Fort Worth Airport

The maximum paid out annually for such service would be $5 million per route, with an $8 million limit for a given airline. The incentive programme will be in place for three years and will have no impact on airline tenants as it will be funded solely through the airport's discretionary account. Shorter international routes and domestic flights would be eligible for smaller amounts.

"Since we updated our incentive programme in 2004, a number of airports have adopted similar plans," adds Lopano. "We want to keep our program out in front of other airports."

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Source: Airline Business