Diamond Aircraft has secured US Federal Aviation Administration certification for its DA62 piston twin, paving the way for the airframer to begin deliveries of its flagship aircraft into the world’s largest business and general aviation market.

The approval comes 10 months after the diesel-fuelled aircraft received European approval following a three-and-a-half-year development effort.

DA62s destined for the US market are heavier than their European counterparts. The latter, priced at €960,000 ($1.07 million), has been designed with five-seats and a 1,999kg (4,440lb) maximum take-off-weight (MTOW) to sit below the 2,000kg threshold for Eurocontrol air traffic control user fees.

The $1.2 million US version can seat up to seven, and has a MTOW of 2,300kg – making it the largest model in Diamond’s eight-strong line-up of propeller-driven aircraft.

Diamond DA62 PISTON

Diamond Aircraft

The DA62 is the first model in the range to be pitched at the corporate and commercial markets. It will compete with established, high-performance piston-singles and twins such as the Beechcraft Baron, Cessna 400 series and the Cirrus SR22 – which is gaining traction in the US air taxi market.

Powered by two 180hp (130kW) AE330 engines, developed by Diamond's sister company, Austro Engines, the US version boasts a maximum speed of 200kt (370km/h) and range of 1,285nm – slightly less than the European model. Both versions have an operating altitude of 20,000ft.

The DA62 is manufactured at Diamond’s Austrian base in Wiener Neustadt, near Vienna. North American aircraft are sold, distributed and supported by its sister company in Canada.

Source: Flight International