Diamond Aircraft has renamed the DA52 top-of-the-range piston twin it is developing as the DA62, to help to distinguish it from its DA42 stablemate. The move, incidentally, is more in keeping with the nomenclature of the Austrian airframer’s piston-engined family, which also consists of the DA20 and DA40 singles.

“We are renaming the DA52 to improve differentiation from our DA42 series that continues indefinitely in parallel production,” says Diamond Aircraft chief executive Christian Dries. “The DA62 series builds on the strengths of the DA42, with increased performance, payload, cabin volume and utility,” he adds.

Performance and pricing information for the DA62 have not yet been disclosed, but Diamond says the aircraft will be offered in different configurations – up to seven seats – “and in several maximum take-off versions of up to 2,300kg [5,070lb]”.

Two Austro Engine AE300-powered prototypes are undergoing flight testing at Diamond’s Wiener Neustadt base and European certification is scheduled for 2015.

The DA62 is pitched against high-performance piston singles and piston twins such as the Beechcraft Baron and Cessna 400 series.

Source: FlightGlobal.com