Divers have been deployed to recover the fuselage of the crashed Indonesia AirAsia flight QZ8501 on the seafloor of the Java Sea.

The 30m long and 10m wide aircraft section was located by Singapore vessel MV Swift Rescue on 14 January. Indonesia’s National Search and Rescue Agency (Barsanas) says the right wing of the crashed jet is still attached to the fuselage.

qz8501 fuselage

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The wreckage of the fuselage is about 3,000m from where the aircraft's tail was found, and about 800m from its cockpit voice recorder (CVR), says Barsanas.

Both the aircraft’s flight data recorder (FDR) and CVR have been recovered and handed over to Indonesia’s National Transport Safety Committee.

Media reports indidcate that data from the FDR has been successfully downloaded, and that the CVR appears to be in good condition.

To date, search teams have also recovered 50 bodies, the tail, as well as fragments of the wings and engines.

Flight QZ8501, an Airbus A320 aircraft, crashed into the Java Sea on 28 December while enroute from Surabaya to Singapore. There were 155 passengers and seven crew members onboard.

Source: Cirium Dashboard