Sir - Air Charter, of Gatwick, Sussex, has never let down a potential charterer because of the suppliers available. We can charter an aircraft instantly, such as a Cessna Citation II for 1h or 100h, and the rate in Europe will be about £1,100-1,300 an hour.

According to your article on European NetJets, "Green light shows for NetJets Europe" (Flight International, 26 June-2 July, P21), a downpayment of $330,000 supposedly secures the availability, followed by a charge of $1,950/h, plus $9,750 a month (whether you use the service or not).

Thus, the hourly rate to charter from us is about the same as that of NetJets, but, to part initially with $330,000 for 75h which you may not want surely is ludicrous.

Potential charterers should stick to the open market, as active brokers are always there to achieve the best deal at any given time. Why commit so much money for flying which you do not need?

Why, also, be restricted to only 30 European cities and a call-out restriction of as much as 6h (assuming that one parts with more money)?


managing director

Air Charter

Gatwick Airport, Sussex, UK

Cessna Citation II: instantly available

Source: Flight International