The US Administration has earmarked a record $55 billion for US Department of Transportation (DoT) spending in fiscal year 2001, nearly $5 billion higher than the figure finally agreed for the current year.

The US Federal Aviation Administration's share of the request is $11 billion, including $6.6 billion for operations, nearly $700 million above FY2000, and $2.5 billion for facilities and equipment. Research and development funding requests have risen to $184 million. The remainder of the budget is split between a number of agencies including the National Transportation Safety Board and the Coast Guard.

The request for facilities and equipment related to the FAA would boost current spending by $450 million. Included among the budget requests is $111 million for implementation of the Wide Area Augmentation System, while the Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System would receive $190 million.

The US aviation agency will continue implementation of Free Flight Phase I and begin Free Flight Phase II, if the $221 million request for funds is approved by Capitol Hill.

Source: Flight International