Andy Douse

You've just made a solo trip around the globe in a home-made aircraft and landed in record-breaking time...what do you do?

Swiss pilot Hans Georg Schmid decided to do it all again, only this time going the other way.

A month later he was landing safely again, smashing many more world records in the progress.

He is now the only man to have circumnavigated the world twice in the same year, having completed the amazing journey in less than two months.

Schmid completed the 88,200km (47,700nm) flight in his Long-EZ aircraft and says he owes his success to a Unison LASAR electronic ignition system.

"Typical fuel consumption for my Long-EZ with the LASAR system was 23 litres/h (6 gal/h) at a true airspeed of 240km/h (130kt), which is a significant fuel saving over a non LASAR installation."

Power bars

"On the personal side, I drank half a pint of water every hour and ate special 'power bars' similar to those taken by athletes. My toilet was a little plastic bottle with an outlet tube."

"I started the flight from Zurich, Switzerland, on 2 March and arrived back from the second trip on 29 April, just 19 minutes later than I said I would.

"I'm thinking of writing a book now and am looking for a publisher."

Source: Flight Daily News