Confront your fears of flying or fulfil your dreams of being the pilot of a jumbo jet by taking to the controls of a Boeing 747-400 cockpit simulator.

Mutahida Airways (stand A450) is demonstrating its exact replica of the jet at the Dubai air show and will start its booking sessions within the next couple of months at its base in Mina, Abu Dhabi.

"This is an advanced simulator and new to the market," says Anas Elmourad, simulator station manager. "It is 100% the exact replica of the 747-400 and can be experienced by potential pilots, aviation enthusiasts, people who wish to conquer their fears of flying, or just about anyone. Age doesn't matter either. In fact, the simulator is available for pre-arranged events at places such as schools to educate the pupils in flying."

The simulator is programmed with all the airports the 747 is able to fly to.

"You can fly to wherever you like and you will experience the actual flight in the simulator. When you book you will act as the pilot and your co-pilot will be your trained flight simulator instructor. All weather conditions and emergencies are also programmed in to the simulator," says Elmourad.

The cockpit contains two miniature cameras that will film your "flight", which you can then take away.

Source: Flight Daily News