One year after opening in Sharjah, Canadian flight-planning company Skyplan (stand C334) is boosting its presence in the UAE by establishing a base in the Dubai International Airport Free Zone, becoming the only North American company that provides contract flight dispatch from offices in the West and the Middle East.

Skyplan's Middle East operation in Sharjah provides all-round support for its flight-planning software. The rapid growth in demand for flight planning and trip support has led to the establishment of the new facility in Dubai.

"Following the success of our operation in Sharjah, customers have been asking us to extend our presence to Dubai," says Muhammad Sami, managing director for UAE. "A year ago we felt that there was huge demand and need for a one-window service provider. 'Local presence' is welcome in the region as our experience has vividly demonstrated. We have found that during the ongoing recession, our services profile fits the requirements of operators, most of whom are on cost-reduction drives."

Skyplan has been serving airlines and corporate customers internationally for over 26 years. It routinely provides hosted flight planning, traditional dispatch support, international trip planning and contract fuel. The company's Middle East operations add to its existing operation in Calgary, Canada.

All three centres are equipped with modern dispatch facilities, manned by a team of dispatchers who provide 24h cover, with an emphasis on personalised on-demand flight planning support. Sami adds: "These services are valuable to corporate and regional airlines as they provide huge cost savings."

Skyplan is one of the few providers in the world that owns and supports its own flight planning software - CyberTrac One (CTO), which is used by several global flight support providers. The company unveiled the latest version of CTO in October, which delivers flight plans in up to 5s.

"We're delighted to be announcing our new venture during the Dubai air show. It's good to be among a growing group of locally based operators who are at the forefront of shaping the profile of aviation in the region," says Sami.

Source: Flight Daily News