Fokker Services has launched a four-pronged programme - all based around the number six - with which it aims to boost the marketability and reliability of its airliners.

Dubbed FlyFokker, the programme comprises four modules dubbed "Take Off", "Take Care", "Take Over" and "Take Next".

The first, Take Off, is designed to get new operators airborne and earning money within six weeks, says Fokker Services vice-president marketing and sales Erik Goedhart. "This will start with an ACMI lease using our strategic partner Denim Air, and then build up until the airline is mature," he says. "There is a lot of potential for this in the CIS and Africa."

Take Care is aimed at providing support for existing operators and focuses on boosting technical despatch reliability and reducing operating costs. The aim is to provide this for a minimum of six years, says Goedhart.

The Take Over module is already in use by KLM Cityhopper, and is designed to help an airline phase out its Fokker fleet as it introduces a new type, again with the six-week timespan being the target. Austrian Airlines and Portugalia are launch customers.

Finally, Take Next has been developed with Fokker Services' leasing customers, with the aim of accelerating the time it takes to move an aircraft from one operator to another.

"This programme, which we will launch in January, will enable the process to be managed within six weeks of the last flight hour with the previous operator," says Goedhart.

Source: Flight Daily News