AgustaWestland yesterday announced that the Dubai Air Wing had bought an additional pair of AgustaWestland AW139s for VVIP transport duties.

The aircraft is already in service in the VVIP role with government agencies in the UAE, including the Dubai Air Wing and the Abu Dhabi Air Force, each of whom operate a single aircraft of two and nine on order, respectively. Further AW139s are operated by Evergreen on a UAE air force Search and Rescue contract.

Some 80 AW139s have been ordered by customers in the Middle East, and the type already in service with a number of commercial, government and military operators, operating in a wide variety of roles including VIP transport, Search and Rescue, EMS, law enforcement and maritime protection.

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The AW139 is claimed to be the only all-new technology medium twin-engined helicopter in production with the latest safety standards incorporated, and with the largest cabin and best hot and high performance in its weight class the AW139 is continuing to gain market share in the VIP sector.

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Source: Flight Daily News