If you want to get ahead get a hat – or at least a good helmet. Transaero agrees, and is showing its range of aviation headgear, including the Gentex range. This includes the high altitude, low opening (HALO) lightweight parachutist’s helmet, the DH-132 AS ballistic combat helmet and FAS flight helmet with NBC protection.

Gentex specialises in head protection for the armed forces. Its HGU-55/P fighter/attack flight helmet is made of a fibreglass or Kevlar shell offering a lightweight design to reduce the head-borne weight by approximately 113g (4oz).

Its Combat Edge helmet is now standard for all US Air Force Boeing F-15 and Lockheed Martin F-16 aircraft, reducing fatigue in 9+ G manoeuvres. The Edge comes with a choice of three liners, including the thermoplastic, super comfort and X Liner with two separate densities of foam.

Gentex also specialises in mask and helmet testing equipment, including the Aircraft Systems Tester (AST), which is currently in use with the US Navy.

Transaero head gear

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Source: Flight Daily News