The European Commission (EC) has selected Honeywell for two research projects to help develop systems for future flight controls and for automated air traffic management.

Honeywell will work in partnership with Rheinmetall Defence Electronics (RDE) on the small aircraft future avionics architecture (SAFAR) program to study and demonstrate low-cost flight control system technology for general aviation. SAFAR is one of 36 research projects the EC has initiated under its seventh framework programme for research (FP7).

Paolo Carmassi, president, Honeywell Europe, Middle East, Africa and India, says: “Honeywell is the industry leader in flight safety. We are pleased to help the European Commission develop industry-leading, safe and affordable flight control technology.”

Honeywell will also work on the iFLY project to support the EC’s development of an automated air traffic management system in Europe, based on advanced airborne communication, navigation and surveillance technologies.

The company is to look at an analysis of safety, complexity and pilot/controller responsibilities as well as a subsequent assessment of ground and airborne system requirements. The programme, led by the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR), aims to improve efficiency and reduce delays in Europe for aircraft operating in high-density traffic areas.

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Source: Flight Daily News