Training has been a key subject for discussion at the Dubai Air Show with many organisations in the region introducing new programmes to meet the growing demands.

One new training programme will produce the first Royal Saudi Air Force multi-skilled Tornado aircraft technicians is now underway.

Students spend some time at the Technical Studies Institute in Dhahran, before undertaking a six month English language training course. Students then spend a year at the RAF’s Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering at Cosford, before moving to BAE Systems’ Technical Training Academy at Warton for the final stage of training.

Those graduating from the training-course will have a multi-skilled ethos that the UK RAF has been embracing for a number of years, replacing the ‘single-skill’ vocations now used to maintain the RSAF Tornado fleet.

When the students return to Saudi Arabia they are posted onto an RSAF Tornado squadron, where they are initially assigned to an experienced multi-skilled BAE Systems technician trainer who will perform some consolidation training to enable the student to become a fully qualified, multi-skilled technician.

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Source: Flight Daily News