Boeing’s launch of the 777X meant it pushed Airbus firmly into second place during the Dubai air show, more than doubling its rival’s order total in terms of value and the number of aircraft.

It secured firm orders and commitments for 342 aircraft including 182 777-9X twinjets and 43 of the 777-8X – the first for the smaller variant.

Boeing also landed 30 787-10s and 75 737 Max 8 aircraft, plus 11 current 737s and a single 777 freighter.

It values the overall total at $101.5 billion, although it lists only $18.2 billion of this – comprising the 56 aircraft from Etihad Airways – as firm.

Emirates, which is taking 115 777-9Xs and 35 777-8Xs worth $55.6 billion, has yet to finalise its agreement, as do Qatar Airways and Flydubai.

Airbus took firm orders for 142 aircraft worth $40.4 billion plus commitments for another 18, bringing the overall value to $44 billion.

It secured a substantial share of Etihad’s fleet renewal with 40 A350-900s and 10 A350-1000s, as well as 36 A320neo-family jets and one A330 freighter.

But this $19 billion agreement was just pipped by Emirates’ order for 50 more A380s, worth $20 billion at catalogue prices.

Airbus’s slow-selling A330 freighter line benefited from orders and commitments for 13 from Qatar Airways. Start-up Libyan Wings accounted for seven aircraft – including three A350-900s and four A320neos – while Air Algerie initiated its fleet renewal with a tentative deal for three A330s.

Source: Cirium Dashboard