Embraer is confident that it will announce more orders for its current generation of E-Jets, even as sales efforts on the E2 series ramp up.

Chief commercial officer John Slattery says the Brazilian manufacturer will soon announce orders for both the original E-Jet, now dubbed the ‘E1’, and the forthcoming E2 series.

“Our vision is that over the course of the next 12 months, you will see airlines ordering both the E1 and the E2 and operating both aircraft in tandem over the coming years,” he says.

The first E2, the E-190E2, will not enter service until 2018. The E-195E2 will follow in 2019 and the E-175E2 the year after that. As with recent sales of the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320, Slattery believes that there will soon be a number of joint orders for the different generation aircraft.

“We’re continuing to sell both the E1 and the E2 to customers so they have a solution for both today and tomorrow,” says Slattery.

His comments come only weeks after JetBlue Airways indicated it will likely convert its existing E-190 orders to the E2 after deferring deliveries of 24 aircraft to after 2020. That has left the manufacturer over 200 production slots for E1 jets before it transitions across to E2 production.

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Source: Cirium Dashboard