Russell Adams is using the Dubai show for the global launch of its new software system which enables airlines to accurately record fleet technical data, comply with aviation authorities’ requirements, save cost and improve asset utilisation.


It is appropriate that the launch is at Dubai because it is from the Emirate’s office that the firm’s highly aggressive expansion plans will be fulfilled over the next three years, says chief operating officer Nick Wareham.
The firm claims the addition of Enterprise:eTL to its flagship software suite Enterprise:Airline makes it the world’s first software to offer a “holistic view” of every aspect of an airline’s operational and maintenance activity – from offices and outstations to the flightdeck.
“For some time, we have been keen to help our customers solve the data acquisition problems they face,” says Wareham. “With the addition of Enterprise:eTL we believe we offer the only true integrated options for aviation companies – from data capture to detailed asset management and control.
“At Dubai 2005, we will demonstrate the software’s capabilities to a number of potential customers from the global aviation industry and we are confident that it will be one of the show’s information technology highlights.”
Enterprise:eTL extends the software suite’s use to the cockpit and line stations. The system automates the data capture of technical log data which feeds into Enterprise:Airline making it more efficient.
The system uses handheld computers to allow data to be quickly and accurately recorded by pilots and engineers while complying with regulatory requirements. It is customised to support the approved technical log process of the airline. The data is recorded once, validated once and immediately integrated into the maintenance and operational business systems.
Russell Adams has remained a small, specialist firm but that is changing as the firm expands geographically and begins to explore new markets, says Wareham.
“Although still a small company, it is growing exponentially. The office in Dubai looked after a handful of small customers but now it is very much the office that will drive the company’s growth in future. Dubai is ideally place at the centre of a huge and growing market.
“We now have a customer in India and we are talking to many other potential customers there.”
He adds that the firm has in place a three-year strategy for rapid and sustained growth.
“Much of that growth will driven from the Dubai office. European aviation is recovering but we see the real opportunities in this region. There is so much going on.”
Russell Adams is also talking to key players in the automotive industry as it seeks to move into new markets.
“We have always been focused on aviation and defence. Almost by accident we began to realise that the software is just as applicable to other enterprises. We are now talking to automotive manufacturers and parts distributors.”


Source: Flight Daily News