Global Aerospace Logistics is making a big impression at the Dubai Airshow – the centrepiece of its stand is a larger-than-life model of a Eurocopter Super Puma, featuring meeting rooms and a VIP lounge in the “cockpit”.

The design, which comes complete with giant rotor blades and a tail rotor, is intended to highlight Abu Dhabi-based GAL’s expertise in helicopter maintenance, says the independently owned company, which also manages air traffic services in Abu Dhabi.

Global logistics 640


The helicopter – which is 7.5m high, 23m long and 6m wide – is made from steel, Styrofoam and soft wood and took 85 days to build, says Abdel Hamid Isam Al Qadoumi, chief operations officer at Dubai-based stand contractor Marcoms.

GAL’s guests can gaze out on the show through aa giant windshield, which features one-way reflective glass.

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Source: Flight Daily News