SNECMA CHAIRMAN Bernard Dufour has again raised severe doubts over his company's ability to fund its share of development on any future growth variants of the General Electric GE90.

Dufour says that, while Snecma is still committed to its 25.5% participation in the current GE90, it would not be drawn into development of new high-thrust variants, taking the engine above 445kN (100,000lb) thrust. Dufour says that any new engine programme, which could cost as much as $2 billion, would be beyond Snecma's financial reach.

Snecma has already admitted that it is in discussions with GE over its future participation on GE90, which could see the French stake in the overall programme diluted.

Dufour adds that the battle between GE, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce for big-fan business has been a major financial drain.

Source: Flight International