Geoff Thomas

The current three members of the JSF-F120 engine team, which will offer the alternate powerplant for the Joint Strike Fighter, have been joined by Philips Machinefabrieken (PMF), part of the giant Dutch industrial and electronics group.

PMF joins GE Aircraft Engines, Rolls-Royce and Allison Advanced Development. The Dutch company will also form - and lead - a consortium of Dutch, Norwegian and Danish companies which will assist in the design, development and manufacture of the competing JSF-F120 propulsion system which would come on-stream once JSF production begins.

PMF, a division of Royal Philips Electronics, specialises in a wide range of production machines and systems and in the manufacture of aviation components.

"Given the participation of the Dutch, Danish and Norwegian governments in the JSF concept demonstration programme in the USA, industrial participation from the Netherlands in the team was a natural," says GE's Jim McNerney, speaking at Le Bourget.

"The proven technologies and performance within Philips and Dutch industry - and their healthy financial position and global ready - makes them valued team members."

The JSF-120 has successfully completed the programme's critical design review for the core of the F120 engine. This allowed the team to release hardware for component testing, leading to the full core engine test in mid-2000.

The PMF consortium will be fully integrated into the JSF-F120 team and it will also have the opportunity to join with other GE and R-R programmes.

Joining the programme will also enhance on-going relationships between team members and Dutch industry. PMF is the sole supplier of exhaust nozzle flaps and seals for GE's F110 fighter engines and is expanding its relationship into other GE product lines.

Rolls-Royce currently has Dutch participation in the company's civil and military programmes. PMF also supplies the inlet scrolls for Rolls-Royce's Allison 250 turboshaft engine, which powers more than half the world's helicopters with more than 28,000 delivered.

Source: Flight Daily News