Flight International online news 12:00GMT:EADS and DRS Technologies announced today that they are to collaborate on producing and marketing EADS’s Hellas laser-based obstacle warning system for helicopters in the USA.

The device, which helps helicopters avoid obstacles such as power lines, is already in operation on German federal police helicopters and the new Hellas-A (for awareness) obstacle warning system, in development for the German Forces NH Industries NH90 helicopters, is being targeted at the US military. A Hellas-A system has been ordered by the US Special Operations Command for further testing and evaluation and is being adapted for the forces’ needs at the EADS Defence Electronics site at Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Bernhard Gerwert, head of EADS Defence Electronics, says the agreement is “an important first step in building a long-term relationship between EADS and DRS Technologies”.



Source: Flight International