European Aviation Safety Agency regulators will be able to fine organisations that fail to meet safety requirements, under proposals adopted by the European Parliament.

The Parliament's agreement with the European Council on amendments to legislation expanding EASA's regulatory role brings the agency's powers more into line with those of the US Federal Aviation Administration and gives it greater enforcement flexibility.

The amendments state that EASA can instruct the European Commission to impose fines as an alternative to outright withdrawal of a certificate in cases where, intentionally or negligently, regulations have been broken.

EASA can also order periodic penalty payments to compel those in breach of regulations to take remedial action and comply with the rules.

The Parliament says: "The proposal seeks to address a long-standing anomaly in the European Union. While aircraft now enjoy complete freedom within a unified market, safety standards continue to vary between the member states."

It says these differences in standards can be "considerable" and that highest standards are sometimes not applied.

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Source: Flight International