The European Aviation Safety Agency says it hopes to publish a proposed rule by mid-2014 on flight time limitations (FTLs) specific to on-demand aircraft charter operations.

At present there is no pan-European ruling on FTLs, but a proposal affecting only commercial airline operations is currently going through the final stages of consultation and rulemaking.

Meanwhile, US National Transportation Safety Board vice-president for safety, security, operations and regulation Doug Carr says his organisation is taking part in the EASA working group on FTLs for on-demand charter, explaining that the NBAA had worked with the US Federal Aviation Administration on formulating FTLs for business aircraft crews in 2005, but that no US rulemaking has ever resulted from the study.

EASA says it intends to present proposals for business aircraft FTLs by mid-2014, with a final rule accepted by about mid-2016.

Source: Flight International