European safety regulators have ordered Airbus A310 operators to check the type after at least three carriers suffered in-flight loss of wing fences.

All three reported wing-fence detachment from A310-300s, according to the European Aviation Safety Agency.

Inspection of other examples of the twinjet has uncovered cracked internal ribs within the wing-tip structure.

Initial examination suggests these cracks are the result of fatigue and EASA says that, uncorrected, the condition could lead to further wing-fence losses, with possible injury to people on the ground.

EASA has issued an airworthiness directive covering repetitive inspection on a number of A310-300s, but says it also applies to two specific A310-200s - currently listed in the fleets of FedEx Express and Air Bagan.

Operators could alternatively replace both wing tips with a modified design in accordance with an Airbus service bulletin.

Source: Flight International