After ten months, Istanbul-based maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) organisation Turkish Technic continues to face a partial suspension of its EASA Part 145 maintenance approval, which suspends its authorisation to perform line maintenance at line stations within EU member states.

EASA confirms that Turkish Technic's EASA Part 145 maintenance approval was partially suspended on 27 September 2011.

EASA says that under the partial suspension, Turkish Technic has "lost their privilege to perform maintenance" at its line stations within EU member states.

EASA declined to disclose the reason for the partial suspension.

EASA says that the partial suspension also affects "some working procedures" in addition to Turkish Technic's line maintenance authorisation. The agency did not provide detail on the nature of those procedures but mentioned that they "do not have any outside effect."

Turkish Technic is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Turkish Airlines. According to a line capability chart on its website, the MRO has maintenance capabilities at 17 line stations within EU member states, serving airports in cities including Amsterdam, Stockholm, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, London and Frankfurt.

EASA defines a temporary suspension as a "temporary removal in part of the approval".

It states that "the approval is held in abeyance in whole or in part until compliance is re-established". Reinstating the EASA Part 145 approval does not require issuing or re-issuing a maintenance certificate.

EASA says that in order for a repair station to fully reinstate a suspended approval, the approval holder must fix the problems, report to EASA, and EASA will verify if the problems are fixed. If EASA is satisfied with the fixes, it reinstates the maintenance approval.

Turkish Technic has line maintenance capabilities for Airbus A300, A310 A320, A330 and A340 aircraft, as well as Boeing 777s and Boeing 737 classic and next generation aircraft.

Turkish Technic could not be reached for comment.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news