European safety authorities have issued a warning to air traffic over possible imminent military action against Syria including the use of cruise missiles.

The rapid alert notification from the European Aviation Safety Agency, highlighted by pan-European air navigation authority Eurocontrol, focuses on the eastern Mediterranean Sea and particularly the Nicosia flight information region.

It warns of a "possible launch of air strikes" against Syria using air-to-ground or cruise missiles over the next 72h.

The notification adds that there could be "intermittent disruption" of radio navigation systems, and that airlines need to take "due consideration" when planning flight operations in the region.

Nicosia FIR had recently been the subject of warnings regarding interruption to GPS navigation systems.

EASA's latest conflict-zone bulletin on Syria – which technically expired on 4 April – stated that the hazardous security situation and intense military operations posed a high risk of intentional targeting or misidentification of civil aircraft.

Source: Cirium Dashboard