UK budget carrier EasyJet is to concentrate on talks with European governments to ensure that its operations are not interrupted by the UK’s decision to break away from the European Union.

The airline says its initial aim is to “accelerate” discussions with governments and regulators to make sure that the UK remains within the single European aviation market.

Chief executive Carolyn McCall says that the airline has urged the UK government and European Commission to “prioritise” this objective.

“This would enable EU airlines to fly freely within the UK and between the UK and the EU, allow UK airlines to fly freely across Europe and would ensure that consumers continue to benefit from low fares,” says the carrier.

EasyJet insists the result of the 23 June referendum “will not have a material impact” on its strategy or ability to deliver sustainable growth.

It says is has been preparing for the possibility of a UK exit from the EU and that it has been “working on a number of options” to allow it to maintain flights to all of its markets.

Alongside the regulatory discussions, it says, it will “continue to develop” these alternatives in order to retain its network.

Source: Cirium Dashboard