Aerospace engineering specialist Eaton (Stand A919) has developed the world's first 5,000psi commercial aircraft hydraulic pump for the Airbus A380, raising the bar from the hydraulic pressure standard of 3,000psi for commercial passenger aircraft.

The new high pressure standard will allow Airbus to achieve big weight savings by both reducing the diameter of hydraulic lines and the size of the components that operate the aircraft's primary flight control system.

The total Eaton system includes eight engine-driven pumps per aircraft, providing fluid power for the aircraft's primary flight controls, landing gear, nosewheel steering and other utility systems.

The company has also developed a new electric pump that will supply up to 5,000psi of auxiliary power to the aircraft's hydraulic systems during ground operations and maintenance.

The installation will comprise three units - the electric motor and pump, the motor control and protection unit and the motor switching unit.

Featuring a three-phase induction motor, the system uses two 17.5kW electric pumps per circuit while keeping current consumption below 200 amps under all operating conditions.

Source: Flight Daily News