Cirrus Aircraft has partnered with Garmin International to install an all-new avionics platform on its SR-22 G3 aircraft on display at the static.

Known as Cirrus Perspective, the system offers pilots more precise control of the aircraft, as well as simplifying critical flight information displays. The upgraded piston single will come equipped with Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT), which displays a 3D graphic of terrain, obstacles and traffic and is consistent with what the pilot actually sees outside in clear conditions.

SVT also includes a flight path marker, and unique runway highlighting and airport signs. Pilots can see this information on two 12-inch screens that are 35% larger than the previous SR-22.

Alan Klapmeier

The upgrade also adds a dual attitude and heading reference system (AHRS), which can self-align and restart while in flight, preventing any single component failure that would force a pilot into manual flying at a critical moment.

Another new safety feature unique to Cirrus is the blue ‘level’ (LVL) button. When the pilot pushes the LVL button the aircraft will return to straight and level flight on its own without any additional input.

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Source: Flight Daily News