The business aircraft market across Europe is enjoying record growth and monitoring that growth to the closest detail is Flight Insight, the research division of the Flight Group.

Here at EBACE, Insight has produced a special report on the market in Europe using the ACAS Business Aviation database.

The report looks at the market breakdown of the business aircraft across Europe. Germany, UK and France are the dominant business aviation markets with more than 300 active turbine aircraft in each country. When it comes to jets, Germany has the largest fleet with 352 aircraft, while France has the continent’s largest active turboprop fleet with 195.  The data shows that France is the only country in Europe with a larger turboprop presence than jets.

Active turbine business aircraft in europe

All of the other countries have a much greater jet presence, often more than 75% of the total fleet. Portugal (base of Netjets Europe) has the greatest proportion of jets followed closely by Russia.

Switzerland is the fourth largest business aircraft market with eight percent of the total European fleet.

As far as the manufacturers are concerned, there is a good open market for most products. Cessna is the market leader in terms of units with some 833 aircraft active on the continent. That equates to more than a third of the total European jet market. The most popular models are the Cessna Citationjet (including the CJ1 and CJ2) with 156 aircraft.

Bombardier has 429 aircraft in place closely followed by Dassault with 400. The Challenger 604 is the second most popular model in Europe with 83 of the type active.
On the turboprop front it is Hawker Beechcraft that dominates with more than 50 percent of the total market with 412 aircraft. The closest contendor is Pilatus with 81 aircraft. The most popular model is the King Air 200/B200 with 189 followed by the 81 active PC12s from Pilatus.

The Flight Insight report also looks at the average age of the fleet by country. France with a relatively small jet fleet also has the oldest jet fleet with an average age of 24 years. The youngest average age fleet is based in Luxembourg at five years.

'22868'Active business aircraft in Europe
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For the turboprop market, the small Russian fleet is the youngest with the average age of just one year. Sweden has the oldest active turboprop fleet in Europe with an average age of 25 years.

The report also details the leading European business aircraft operators ranked by Fleet size. The largest is, of course, Netjets with 140 aircraft in its fleet. The report lists the aircraft available by type.

jets and turboprops

Flight Insight also produces a regular business aviation newsletter providing news, data and analysis to business aviation professionals. Details on this free subscription publication can be found at the stand or by going to

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Source: Flight Daily News