A new luxury business jet carpet inspired by aircraft in the sky and the trails they leave in the clouds is being launched by Swiss company Tisca Tiara mobility textiles.

“Sky – Silk in the Sky, is made with top end raw materials including Swiss mountain silk, a high grade silk yarn, which is carefully combined and interwoven with pure new wool from New Zealand,” says Matthias Tischhauser, division manager, mobility textiles.

“The yarn is characterised by its extraordinary brilliance and fineness, which results in a luxurious, soft and voluminous look and touch of the final carpet.

“By combining different materials, textures and pile-heights, the visual appearance of this Wilton woven carpet becomes very distinctive, playful and engaging, and its combination is rare,” added Tischhauser.

Customers also have the freedom of having no restrictions when it comes to customisation possibilities, being able to choose any design, colour, texture and pile height with widths up to 4.60m. The carpet is fully resistant and long-lasting even under heavy wear and tear, and the use of natural materials makes it environmentally friendly.

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Source: Flight Daily News