Bombardier's head of international sales Ray Jones believes tales of the demise of business aviation are greatly exaggerated. "Of course, everybody across the industry has been hit, but we remain optimistic about the business prospects."

The Canadian company has seen massive success in eastern Europe and is looking with interest at China - good news for Jones, who is a fluent Mandarin speaker, having formerly been an inspector in the Hong Kong police.

"China is fascinating and there is no question at all that it will develop into the most important market in the world. We have excellent relationships in the region."

 Ray Jones - Bombardier

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One product offering thatis drawing attention from both Russia and the Far East is the Bombardier Challenger 850. The aircraft is based on the 50-seater regional jet the CRJ200, but with a cabin that closelymatches the Global Express in length and width, it becomes a luxury 14-seat jet with flexibility and comfort with intercontinental performance.

"The 850 has great reliability and has the advantage of the support worldwide that you would expect for the CRJ200 airliner," says Jones. "It can fly non-stop from Singapore to Shanghai or New York to Dublin and is ideal for that type of mission."

Source: Flight Daily News