High net worth individuals are used to viewing the world through panoramic windows from penthouse apartments or luxury yachts – but when they step on their business jets they are restricted to peering through tiny windows.
But according to Dutch firm Fokker Services all of that is about to change.
The VIP completions and refurbishment provider has teamed up with Boeing Business Jets to propose the SkyView panoramic window which is larger than three windows on a next generation Boeing 737.

Fokker window


“We did a feasibility study on the window and told Boeing it was very do-able. BBJ president Steve Taylor was very excited by the whole idea and it took off from there,” says James Aspell, Fokker Services vice president technical services.
Boeing engineers tested the concept and while Fokker owns the STC, Boeing will do the validation. By working together Aspell says EASA and FAA certification could be complete as early as the third quarter 2015.
“Since we unveiled the new window here we have had incredible reaction. Especially from designers,” Aspell says. “This could really change the whole design palette.”
Aspell says the SkyView windows would be ordered as an option and the work done at the completions stage. “Although we would love to do the completions at our centre, we would go to other centres to assist. Logically this work could be done at the same time as auxiliary fuel tanks are being fitted.”
Fokker says the window could be utilised by other OEMs prepared to share their data and to help with the certification process.”

Source: Flight Daily News