Gulfstream today announced a new version of the G650 that will become the world’s longest-range, conventional business jet.

The G650ER – scheduled to be certificated by the end of this year – will extend the range of the baseline version by 500nm (926km) to 7,500nm.

It is the second major range increase announced by Gulfstream for the G650 series. The company launched the long-range, large-cabin jet with a 6,000nm range, then added 1,000nm to the specification sheet as the type achieved certification in 2012.

The G650ER will be “the only business aircraft in the world capable of travelling 7,500nm”, says Scott Neal, Gulfstream’s senior vice-president of sales and marketing.

The additional range opens city-pairs such as New York and Hong Kong, Dallas and Dubai and San Francisco and New Dehli, according to ­Gulfstream.

Few changes are necessary to accommodate the upgrade. The G650ER design now in certification testing adds about 1,810kg (4,000lb) of extra fuel, but no changes to strengthen the airframe structure, landing gear and engine thrust.

Despite the extra weight, the G650ER will share the maximum cruise speed and ceiling of the G650.

Although the structure is maintained, Gulfstream must tweak the system that monitors fuel flow and the software in the flight management system of the G650ER.

Take-off for the G650ER is extended slightly 6,299ft in order to preserve the 10,000h, time between overhaul rating of the Rolls-Royce BR725 engines, Gulfstream says.

The G650 is sold-out through 2016 so orders for newly-built G650ERs will remain in backlog until 2017. Meanwhile, customers of the baseline G650 can convert their orders to the extended range model starting with deliveries scheduled early next year, Gulfstream says.

Source: Flight Daily News