EBACE newcomer Nextant said at the show this morning that it is gearing up to deliver the first remanufactured Beechjet 400A/Hawker 400XP in July under the Nextant 400XT brand.

The first production model is on display here, and the company hopes to stimulate interest in the light jet programme from European customers. "Europe has huge potential," said Nextant vice-president of sales Jay Hueblein. "We expect the region to account for around 25% of our total sales eventually as the aircraft meets all the requirements for a European owner - range comfort, operating costs etc."

At the show, Nextant is meeting five position holders who want "to touch and feel the aircraft" Hueblein said, before they decide to order. Nextant has won 50 orders to date for the 400XT, which is scheduled for US approval on 30 June and European validation by the end of the year.

Nextant Aerospace 400XT
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US fractional ownership company Flight Options is the largest customer, with a deal for 40 units, and is the launch customer for the light jet, which is priced at just under $4 million.

The 400XT "attacks three principal areas of improvement" over the 400A/XP models, Miller said. The avionics have been upgraded to the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 and Venue cabin management system. The Williams FJ44-3AP engines replace the Pratt & Whitney JT15D-5s.

Aircraft aerodynamics have been enhanced to include a streamlined engine cowling, straightened engine beam and mounting system and an improved horizontal stabiliser.

Miller said the upgrades give the XT a 50% increase in range to 2,000nm (3,710km) with four passengers, a 30% boost in fuel efficiency and reduced operating costs from $3 per mile to $2.13.

Nine units are scheduled for delivery this year and production will be increased gradually to four units a month.

Source: Flight Daily News