Operators of aircraft equipped with Rockwell Collins' Pro Line 21 avionics will soon be able to realise the operational benefits of synthetic vision, the company said today.

The upgrade, available in 2012, will be offered for forward fit and aftermarket installations of the integrated avionics system.

"Today, more than 4,000 aircraft are flying with Pro Line 21, and more than 300 aircraft are delivering each year," said Greg Irmen, Rockwell Collins vice-president and general manager, business and regional systems. "Bringing this advancement to Pro Line 21 is a prime example of our commitment to provide the latest safety and situational awareness technologies to one of the largest customer bases in business aviation today."

Rockwell Collins also announced the addition of European Union Regional Trip Support (RTS) to its Ascend flight information solutions product line.

Ascend EU RTS provides flight departments with access to the integrated, one-stop suite of flight operations applications and services from up-to-the-minute dispatch and flight planning to real-time synchronisation of aircraft and ground systems anywhere in the world.

In a third announcement today Rockwell Collins said its Pro Line Fusion integrated avionics system has received supplemental type certification from the Federal Aviation Administration, just weeks after receiving its final Technical Standard Order.

Source: Flight Daily News