Scott Group Custom Carpets (stand 434) is showcasing its latest range of custom hand-tufted carpets that demonstrates the company's use of hand-tufted wool and silk as well as its latest offerings that feature cashmere and silk.

Regional sales manager Michelle Mould says that the cashmere and silk collections are aimed at the VVIP market.

But given that the economy is perhaps not as healthy as it could be, she says that the company's Aviation Textures QuickwShips products are also seeing an increase in demand. These carpets are machine tufted with a turnaround time between two and five weeks, compared with 10 to 12 weeks for the hand-tufted variety.

Scott group carpets

"We're here to inspire designers with what's possible. When you're a customer carpets company you have to show what's different and possible," says Mould. There is a shifting trend to darker colours she says. "We are seeing a lot of interest in chocolate and charcoal carpets."

But economic woes are not hitting the company, explains Mould. "We're lucky we've had no order cancellations, but we've seen a few bigger projects delayed slightly."

Source: Flight Daily News