A new wi-fi cabin networking device that securely and affordably manages all wireless communications, in-flight entertainment and cabin management devices has been introduced by TrueNorth Avionics.

Dubbed the "Express", the new TrueNorth cabin networking device uses a built-in Ethernet-to-wi-fi link. The first installation is being performed by AMAC Aerospace of Basle aboard a Boeing 777 business aircraft.

"Expanding the role of wi-fi in the cabin, the new TrueNorth Express offers a way to easily and affordably manage all the wireless devices that customers want to bring on board corporate aircraft these days," said TrueNorth president Mark van Berkel.

"And it does all this without adding weight, wires or complexity, making it an excellent choice for large transcontinental jets as well as for light turbine aircraft."

The Express interfaces with TrueNorth's airborne telecom system, the Simphone OpenCabin.

Source: Flight Daily News