Compilation of EU-wide register of banned airlines sparks debate on Congolese carrier

Compilation of the first European Union-wide list of unsafe carriers tested the level of co-operation between the aviation authorities of the 25 member states, some of which jealously guarded their traditional autonomy.

Hewa Bora Airways Cameroon W445
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While the UK had banned Hewa Bora, the Congolese operator will be allowed to fly into Belgium using one L-1011

The European Commission says the blacklist, published last week and comprising 93 airlines facing outright bans and three with operational restrictions, has been drawn up using EU member state contributions and “in-depth analysis with member state experts”.

Differences of opinion emerged over Hewa Bora, an operator from the Democratic Republic of Congo. While the UK Civil Aviation Authority had banned any Congolese carrier from flying to the UK due to fears that its aviation authority was inadequate, Hewa Bora continued to enter EU airspace on its sole European route to Belgian capital Brussels and then on to Paris.

A Belgian CAA official insists that, while it had found Hewa Bora “marginally acceptable” in safety terms, the UK CAA, on the basis of Belgium’s own data, moved to ban the operator from entering European airspace – potentially cutting the Congo’s remaining link to the former colonial power.

“The assumption that the EU blacklist was merely a ‘cut and paste’ job is certainly not true. That Hewa Bora bilateral operation was deemed by Belgium to be too valuable in terms of it representing an economic asset that we wanted to preserve. There was enormous pressure to avoid a country which had no first-hand experience of a particular carrier being able to dictate affairs,” says the CAA official.

Hewa Bora will only be permitted to use a specific Lockheed L-1011 TriStar for European operations. Other restrictions apply to Ariana Afghan Airlines, which can only operate a specific Airbus A310 within EU airspace, while Libya’s Buraq Air’s access to Euro­pean airports is limited. Air Mauritania can continue flying to Europe for a two-month evaluation period.

EU Airlines Blacklist
Air Carrier ICAO
Ariana Afghan Airlines *AFG Afghanistan
Air Service Comores  - Comores
Africa One CFRDemocratic Republic of Congo
African Company Airlines  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Aigle Aviation  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Air Boyoma  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Air Kasai  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Air Navette  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Air Tropiques  -Democratic Republic of Congo
Ato – Air Transport Office  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Blue Airlines BULDemocratic Republic of Congo
Business Aviation -Democratic Republic of Congo
Butembo Airlines  - Democratic Republic of Congo
C0-Za Airways  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Caa – Compagnie Africaine D’aviation  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Cargo Bull Aviation  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Central Air ExpressCAXDemocratic Republic of Congo
Cetraca Aviation - Democratic Republic of Congo
Comair  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Compagnie Africaine d'Aviation - Democratic Republic of Congo
Das Airlines KKCDemocratic Republic of Congo
Doren Aircargo - Democratic Republic of Congo
Enterprise World AirwaysEWS Democratic Republic of Congo
Filair  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Free Airlines  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Galaxy Corp - Democratic Republic of Congo
Global Airways BSPDemocratic Republic of Congo
Goma Express  - Democratic Republic of Congo
GR Aviation  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Great Lake Business Company  - Democratic Republic of Congo
ITAB – International Trans Air Business  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Jetair – Jet Aero Services - Democratic Republic of Congo
Kinshasa AirwaysKNSDemocratic Republic of Congo
Kivu Air  - Democratic Republic of Congo
LAC – Lignes Aériennes Congolaises LCGDemocratic Republic of Congo
Malila Airlift  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Malu Aviation  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Mango Mat  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Rwabika “Bushi Express”  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Safari Logistics  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Service CHC Stelavia  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Services Air  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Tembo Air Services  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Thom’s Airways  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Tmk Air Commuter  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Tracep  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Trans Air Cargo Services  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Transports Aeriennes Congolais (Traco)  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Uhuru Airlines  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Virunga Air Charter  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Waltair Aviation  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Wimbi Diri Airways  - Democratic Republic of Congo
Air ConsulRCSEquatorial Guinea
Avirex Guinee Equatoriale AXGEquatorial Guinea
Coage – Compagnie Aéree de Guinée Equatorial COGEquatorial Guinea
Ecuato Guineana De Aviacion ECVEquatorial Guinea
Ecuatorial Cargo EQC Equatorial Guinea
Geasa – Guinea Ecuatorial Airlines Sa GEA Equatorial Guinea
Getra - Guinea Ecuatorial de Transportes Aéreos GET Equatorial Guinea
Jetline Inc. JLE Equatorial Guinea
Kng Transavia Cargo VCG Equatorial Guinea
Prompt Air Ge Sa POM Equatorial Guinea
Utage – Union De Transporte Aereo de Guinea Ecuatorial UTG Equatorial Guinea
BGB Air  - Kazakhstan
Gst Aero Air Company BMK Kazakhstan
Phoenix Aviation PHG Kyrghizstan
Reem Air REK Kyrghizstan
International Air Services IAX Liberia
Satgur Air TransportTGR Liberia
Weasua Air Transport WTC Liberia
Air Koryo KOR North Korea
Silverback Cargo Freighters VRB Rwanda
AeroliftLFT Sierra Leone
Afrik Air Links AFK Sierra Leone
Air LeoneRLL Sierra Leone
Air RumRUM Sierra Leone
Air SaloneRNE Sierra Leone
Air UniversalUVS Sierra Leone
Destiny Air ServicesDTY Sierra Leone
First Line Air (Sl)FIR Sierra Leone
Heavylift Cargo  - Sierra Leone
Paramount AirlinesPRR Sierra Leone
Star AirSIM Sierra Leone
Teebah  - Sierra Leone
West Coast AirwaysWCA Sierra Leone
African International AirwaysAIA Swaziland
Airlink SwazilandSZL Swaziland
Jet Africa OSWSwaziland
Northeast AirlinesNEY Swaziland
Scan Air Charter - Swaziland
Swazi Express Airways SWX Swaziland
Phuket Airlines VAP Thailand
* except Airbus A310 registration number F-GYYY


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Source: Flight International