The European business aviation community can now view the very light jet that aims to expand the market of jet ownership. The Eclipse 500 is on display here, just weeks after making its European debut at Friedrichshafen in April.

"We already have more than 100 orders throughout this market, and we believe that once people in Europe and the UK see it and fly it, we can change the way they travel," says communications director Andrew Broom. He adds that 15 Eclipse 500s have been delivered since the first delivery on 4 January. The jet received US Federal Aviation Administration certification in April 2006 and could receive European Aviation Safety Agency approval by the end of 2007. The next available delivery position is January 2009.

The six-seat VLJ costs $1,520,000, making it the most affordable jet now available. Its maximum cruise speed is 370kt (200km/h) and it climbs at 3,424ft/min (17.4m/s)to a 41,000ft (12,500m) ceiling.

On 1 May, the US Environmental Protection Agency awarded the Albuquerque, New Mexico company a 2007 Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award for the development of the PhostrExTM fire-suppression system. Each year, Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award winners are recognised for eliminating ozone depleting substances in various industries, including aviation

“Protecting our environment is a major focus at Eclipse," says president and chief executive Vern Raburn, adding that Eclipse is committed "to design and manufacture an aircraft that delivers breakthrough fuel economy with unmatched low noise and emissions”.


Source: Flight Daily News