Eclipse Aviation has confirmed it is behind an attempt to get Google to release the IP addresses of dozens of anonymous contributors to a blog that discusses Eclipse 500 information and is generally critical of the company.

Evidence of the legal action emerged on 18 April when blogger Shane Price, who hosts the Eclipse Aviation Critic NG site on Google, received and posted an email from a California law firm acting a proxy for Eclipse Aviation. In the email, the law firm stated that "Google has received a civil subpoena that demands information regarding the source of anonymous comments posted on your blog"

The law firm further stated that Google, to comply with the law, intended to provide the "IP address information for the postings and comments at issue, unless you or the anonymous commenters send us a copy of a motion to quash" by 9 May.

Eclipse has said it is seeking to prevent the anonymous posting of "lies and rumours", and notes that the action is a subpoena, not a lawsuit. The company is also interested in determining if employees are disclosing confidential information to the site, potentially breaking invention and non-disclosure agreements.

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Source: Flight International