Ecuadorian airlines have launched a campaign against LanEcuador challenging the carrier's nationality.

In separate proceedings before the undersecretary of air transport and Ecuador's council of civil aviation, a fiscal prosecutor and the association of national airlines have raised parallel challenges to LanEcuador's nationality. They are also challenging its use of foreign-registered and maintained aircraft and allege misuse of subsidised fuel.

Max Naranjo, LanEcuador's manager, denies these accusations and explains that the superintendent of companies approved the airline as Ecuadorian when it was formed in October 2001. He claims that local laws allow the use of foreign-registered and maintained aircraft on international routes, and that the subsidised fuel is available to all Ecuadorian airlines.

Campaigns against LanEcuador have increased as more Ecuadorian airlines have gained clearance to operate on international routes. Chile's LAN has weathered similar storms before in Peru and Argentina.

Source: Airline Business