Egypt’s foreign ministry has described the crash of a Russian-operated Airbus out of Sharm el-Sheikh as having resulted from a deliberate attack.

Investigators in Egypt have yet to give the results of their inquiry into the loss of the MetroJet A321 over Sinai on 31 October 2015.

But the ministry, in a statement underlining the need for an international counter-terrorism strategy, referred to “terrorist operations” which have resulted in “hundreds” of fatalities “such as the Russian aircraft crash”.

Investigators have not confirmed sabotage despite a long-held claim by Russian analysts that the aircraft was brought down deliberately, and the subsequent withdrawal of Sharm el-Sheikh services by several carriers over security concerns.

The statement followed intense attention on a list of attacks released by the US government, which is trying to shore up support for security measures including travel restrictions from certain countries.

Egypt’s foreign ministry says the position of the US government is “consistent” with its own regarding the need for a “comprehensive” counter-terrorism strategy.

Source: Cirium Dashboard