South-East Asia’s first fractional ownership provider aims to launch services by year-end with aircraft based in Malaysia and Singapore, but registered in Indonesia.

Executive Jet Asia (EJA) managing director Prithpal Singh says he has sold four Cessna Citation II shares in Malaysia and four shares in Singapore, but needs to sell two more in each country to launch.

Singapore-based EJA initially planned to launch operations early this year (Flight International, 22-28 March). Singh says commitments for one-sixth of a Citation II have been difficult to sell without an aircraft in service.

EJA expects to operate six to seven aircraft within three or four years from Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. It is initially focusing on Malaysia and Singapore, but 60% of flights are expected to be from, to and within Indonesia. As a result all of EJA’s aircraft will be Indonesian registered.

Source: Flight International