Executive Jet (EJI) is considering adding new aircraft types to its NetJets Europe business jet fractional ownership programme. Chairman Richard Santulli says that EJI is looking at the Cessna Citation X and Gulfstream IV, adding that "we are also talking to Dassault".

EJI plans to add medium/large Dassault Falcon 2000s to NetJets Europe and may be talking to the French manufacturer about the long-range Falcon 900.

Santulli says investor Warren Buffet, who bought EJI last year, wants to accelerate the growth of NetJets Europe. "What we wanted to do in five years, Buffet wants to do in two," he says. There will be 23 aircraft in the NetJets Europe fleet by the end of this year.

Santulli says there are no plans to put the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) into service with NetJets Europe, but senior vice-president Kevin Russell expects that European corporations will be among the customers for the programme's US-based BBJs.

"We already have European owners in our US-based Gulfstream IV programme," says Russell. He adds that the NetJets Gulfstreams visited 70 countries last year.

Source: Flight International