Elan Training Equipment (ETE) has announced a series of contracts for simulated cockpit controls and displays, for use in training and research flight simulators.

Toulouse, France-based ETE has supplied sidesticks and control panels for an Airbus A320-based avionics technology demonstration cockpit operated by the German Aerospace Center's Institute of Flight Guidance. Simulated A320 pilot and co-pilot control grips have also been supplied to Mitre in the USA, also for a research simulator.

ETE says it has supplied simulated A320/A330 instruments and panels to Ontario, Canada-based Tricom Technologies for an airline flight training device. The company has also produced simulated panels for a Cessna Caravan simulator being built by Intelx of Leesburg, Virginia, for the Pan Am International Flight Academy.

The US Navy, meanwhile, has awarded ETE a contract to fabricate simulated panels for a Boeing E-6A navigation trainer.

Source: Flight International