Elbit Systems has completed a series of successful flights of the Micro Compass electro-optical payload with its Hermes 90 unmanned aircraft system.

These demonstrated enhanced capabilities by day and night, such as target recognition, stationary and mobile target tracking and use of a laser range-finder, says Elbit. It has previously flown the Hermes 90 using a heavy fuel engine, and plans to integrate and test a new laser designator in the near future.

Elbit Systems of America/General Dynamics joint venture UAS Dynamics is offering a Hermes 90 derivative dubbed the Storm as a candidate for the US Navy/Marine Corps Small Tactical UAS/Tier II requirement.

Hermes 90 UAV 
© Elbit Systems

The baseline Hermes 90 has a mission range of more than 100km (54nm) and a flight endurance of around 15h.

Source: Flight International