Elbit Systems has received a contract to supply advanced helmet-mounted display systems for the South Korean army's Korean Utility Helicopter (KUH) programme.

Under the deal, Elbit will supply prime contractor Korea Aerospace Industries with equipment for its ongoing development effort, which is expected to lead to the manufacture of up to 250 tactical transport helicopters. The Israeli company's initial contract covers those development aircraft due to be delivered in 2009-10, but it believes the agreement could lead to follow-on orders to equip the entire KUH fleet and additional military rotorcraft.

"We believe this selection will lead to further head-up display projects in South Korea and worldwide," says Yoram Shmuely, co-general manager of Elbit's Aerospace Division.

Elbit says its helmet-mounted display systems enable helicopter pilots to fly with their "head out of the cockpit", boosting situational awareness and safety by projecting essential flight data, plus navigation waypoints and threat data into their line of sight.


Source: Flight International